Invention, Innovation & Design on e-Learning (IIDEL) is a competition for academics and students of higher learning institutions to showcase their innovative ideas/product/innovation and compete. These include learning analytics, virtual/augmented reality, e-learning pedagogy/approach, multimedia tools, computer applications, mobile applications, and systems and other related areas.
  1. To exhibit research, creation and innovation in teaching and learning by higher learning institutions and polytechnic colleges.
  2. To share expertise and commercial, creative and innovative ideas.
  3. To cultivate interests and encourage academics/instructors, and students to develop teaching materials in line with current technological developments.
  1. Gold, silver and bronze medals.
  2. Certificate of participation and award..
1. IIDEL competition is open to all lecturer/ teacher/ staff/ student (Open Category).
2. Participation can be done as individuals or in groups.
3. Combination of lecturer/ teacher, staff and students are encouraged
4. Product or innovation must relate to e-Learning or learning technologies (e.g., video, courseware, website, learning spaces and environment, system and etc.)
5. Participants are allowed to submit more than one entry. However, there will be a fee charged for each entry.
6. Each entry must submit a completed entry form with an abstract and proof of payment via the Registration link.
7. Please prepare your paper using the template provided below.
8. The organizer reserves the right to reject any application for participation that have been sent if there is falsification of information
  1. Product evaluation or product innovations will be made by experienced judges, selected by the organisers.
  2. Participants are to exhibit and demonstrate their innovations in front of a panel of judges during the judging session.
  3. The time allocation for the presentation and question and answer is 10 minutes.
  1. Originality and creativity
  2. Added value to the process of teaching and learning,
  3. Usefulness and practicality,
  4. Evidences (e.g., photos, newspaper article, journal etc.)
  5. Commercial potential/recognition (if any) - Optional
  6. Presentation


Poster IUCEL 2023
Participant must provide a digital poster of own product.

Participant may customize font type, text and background colours. The size of the font should be at least 20pt. Authors may also add illustrations (graphs, diagrams, pictures) as well as QR codes for an enhanced and effective presentation.